Carer of the Year 2017 Finalist – Sophie Hotchkiss

Sophie Hotchkiss is in the finals for the care and attention she gives to her mum as well as holding down a full time job.

Sophie Hotchkiss cares for her mum daily whilst holding down a full time job at Furness General Hospital as a clinical support worker. Sophies mum is in a wheelchair and also suffers from Epilepsy.

lba17_carer_sophie-hotchkiss-resize-for-blogOn her days off and after work,  Sophie assists her mum with showering, does housework and keeps the garden tidy.  She will take her mum out in her wheelchair, shopping.

She helps with medication and also recognise if her mum is having a bad day, also organising with the family any appointments her mum needs to go to or to make sure there is someone else there to care for her when she is on a shift at work.
From a young age, Sophie always knew how to help her mum, she knew what to do and who’s family and doctors phone numbers were which buttons to press and if her mum couldn’t get upstairs she would get the spare pillows and blankets out to make a bed downstairs for them both in case her mum needed any help.

Sophie was born with a finger missing on her right hard due to the medication her mum was taking for her epilepsy, she has had a few operations with plastic surgery  to improve the use of her hand as she is right handed, she has also had 9 operations on her ears to help her hearing, she still sees theses consultants.

Sophies mum says “I cannot express enough how proud I am of Sophie as well as eternally grateful for all her help especially since my health and mobility deteriorated in the last 3 years”


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