Carer of the Year 2017 Nominees – Lynda and Dave Gommersall

Lynda and Dave Gomersall have been nominated jointly for the Carer of the Year Award sponsored by Cumbria Clinical Commisioning Group. NHS Cumbria

Lynda and Dave Gomersall have been nominated by their son Scott for the care they have provided him after he returned home from hospital in 2014.

In 2013, Scott, who at the time owned his own business, SDG Accountants in Barrow,  suffered a Subarachnoid Haemorrhage suddenly while at work.  He was rushed to Furness General and from there, thanks to the speed of the doctors and the team he was transferred to Preston Neurological Rehabilitation Unit.   That night doctors told Lynda and Dave that their son was unlikely to make it through the night and it was best to say their goodbyes while they still could.



Against all odds Scott survived the night and finally regained conscious after being in a coma for 3 weeks.  Scott went on to spend the next 10 months in Preston NRU working tirelessly with the team there to recover.  Scotts Father, Dave, continues to work even though he was due to retire and Scott’s mum, Lynda stayed in Preston in a special unit for relatives, then rented a room in Preston to be able to attend hospital every day.  With sheer determination and hard work alongside the dedication of his parents, Scott  learned to do many things again that we all take for granted such as learning to sit, up, chew food and finally having to learn to walk again.

Scott was then released home, where he moved back in with his parents, who have adapted parts of their home to accommodate Scott and his continuing rehabilitation.  Dave has continued to work to help support Scott and the family while Lynda helps take care of Scott throughout the day as well as looking after her own mother who recently suffered a stroke and suffers from Dementia.

“Without the time and support from my parents I don’t know where I would be today but I’m sure I would not have achieved what I have to date”

Scott defied the odds and thanks to the continued support and love of Lynda and Dave, has been able to start to get back to normal and start to contribute in small ways within the community by volunteering with the Love Barrow Awards, which previously he had sponsored the Young Citizen category with his business SDG Accountants.

Lynda and Dave are a fantastic example of how families are sometimes the foundation that the rehabilitation and care of loved ones are built on once they leave the hospital.

Well Done Lynda and Dave, you are amazing people!

If you know a person, a group, charity or business who deserves some recognition then you have until the 18th November 2016 to nominate them for a Love Barrow Award 2017.


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  1. Lynda and Dave you really have and continue to be solid rocks holding your family together! Through the most emotionally devastating and difficult times particularly behind closed doors, you both kept sights on the end goal, the focus of being there every minute of every hour of the day to aid Scott back to a healthy happy life day by day. There has been so many set backs, but you fight through them all. You two truly are an inspiration to many people, there’s not many of us that could deal with what you two have on your plate. The sacrifices are huge, but what enables you to get through each day are your remarkable hearts overflowing with love, your tremendous courage and your emotional strength. Most importantly however, you see the determination Scott has to get his life back – and that in turn, fuels your spirit! You are both such wonderful parents.

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