Carer of the Year Award

Say thank you to someone who helps to look after family or friends.

The Carer of the Year Award  is for people, groups and organisations that help look after others, assisting them in the day to day running of their lives, making sure they are able to live as comfortably as possible.

stick_figures_enjoying_coffee_1600_clr_12809You can nominate a person, a group, organisation or charity or a business.  They can be funded or voluntary and can be from any kind of health care ranging from physical and mental health care and support.  It can also be a friend or family member that cares for someone on their own time and through the goodness of their heart.  The person(s) they care or provide support for must be within the Barrow Borough.




Previous finalists have included: sending_medical_relief_1600_clr_14287

    • Lee Winter for providing care at home for his wife and son while working a full time job.
    • Beverly Dixon for her voluntary role at Women’s Community Matters providing help, support and guidance about the benefit system to the users of the centre.
    • Janet Bury for setting up a support and respite group for other carers who look after family members with Autism.
    • Amy Healey for the care and support she provided to her father at home when he was diagnosed with an illness that left him unable to look after himself.
    • Matylda Kenny for the care and support she has given to her younger sister in dealing with her disabilities.

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