Citizen of the Year 2017 Nominee – Christine McCracken

Christine McCracken has been nominated for the Citizen of the Year Award sponsored by Furness Building Society.

Citizen of the Year Award Sponsor - Furness Building Society


Christine McCracken has been volunteering at Women’s Community Matters in Barrow since June 2016.  

Christine started out as a user of the centre and successfully completed courses and graduated from the project and is now the Drop-in Co-ordinator and has become the real heart of the service.  She welcomes new women to the Centre during the regular drop-in sessions and manages the cleaning, organising and recording each week. She always has a smile on her face, despite all she has been through, and truly lights up the lives of the women who use and work in the centre and has become the real heart of the service.

Christine is also a keen fundraiser and is always making jewellery to sell as well as a coming up with new fundraising ideas. In her efforts over the last month she has raised over £100 for women in crisis.

Christine McCracken

Left- Christine at the centre – Photo from WCM

“She has a warm, non-judgemental and accepting way of being that makes women feel safe and secure.”



Christine also has a family who she cares for, including an 11 year old son with autism who she supports with daily care and is a real advocate for autism awareness and support. Christine has previously struggled with her mental health but has overcome her own struggles and now provides a listening ear to others who are struggling.

There isn’t another woman in this world who has a heart like Christine’s. Just the other day she was making an inspirational quote for a woman who felt low – so she could hang it on her wall at home. The ladies at the centre think it’s time for Christine to truly be recognised for all she has achieved and for the wonderful work she does each week here at WCM.

Well Done Christine!

If you know a person, a group, charity or business who deserves some recognition then you have until the 18th November 2016 to nominate them for a Love Barrow Award 2017.


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