Courage Award

Recognise those who have shown courage in the face of adversity and challenging situations.


The Courage Award is for those people in our community who have been put into difficult and challenging situations and shown true grit, bravery and determination in overcoming adversity.

stick_figure_running_first_aid_1600_clr_5548You could nominate any person from any walk of life of any age  ( 8+years old ) They could have shown bravery in an emergency situation which they would not normally have to face in their day to day lives or kept a calm head and shown initiative in a difficult situation or circumstances.

They may have shown grit and determination in helping others despite going through their own personal challenges.  heart_in_hands_pc_1600_clr_4138-1



Previous finalists have included: 

    • Barrow RNLI for the team of volunteers go out on their own time to provide a lifeline to those who get into trouble on the waters of the bay and beyond.
    • Andrew Madden for continuing to study and pass his GCSE exams despite spending much of his time confined to hospital with two separate diagnosis of a life threatening illness.
    • Andrea Edwards, despite being diagnosed with brain, lung and breast cancer continued to fundraise for local charities with her Warrior Princess’s.
    • Gill Tyson for helping to set up a support group for people who are or have been diagnosed with cancer despite having her own diagnosis along with her mum.
    • Kairen Thackrah for stopping on her own to help a heart attack victim despite only having passed her CPR qualifications a few days before.


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