Group of the Year or Project of the Year Award

Say thank you to those groups and projects that make a difference to your life and community.


The Group or Project of the Year Award  is for those projects and groups of people that exist in your community that make a real difference to the lives of the Barrow Borough.




You can nominate a project that is a run by a community group, a neighbourhood, or is a project of a charity or organisation. They can be funded by a business, grants, or completely self reliant.  They may be run by professionals or volunteers, by adults or children.group_construction_workers_1600_clr_8597


You can also nominate a group of people that come together to form one of those projects or have got together to provide a service, to fundraise or to help out the neighbourhood or surrounding community in someway, shape or form.  The projects and groups must be based and run their activities in the Barrow Borough and the people that benefit from the activities or services must also be based in the Barrow Borough.


Previous finalist have included:

  • Keswick 2 Barrow for their 50 years of voluntarily organising the famous walk, generating interest and sponsorship and providing the fund raising efforts to 100’s of local charities.
  • SAFA for their efforts in raising awareness of mental health issues and providing a free service to those in need of heal, guidance and support.
  • Voce for their efforts in providing a free platform to raise awareness and funds for local charities and organisations through their concerts.
  • Barrow Junior Citizen Scheme for the 25 years of organizing all the local emergency services to provide free awareness building and training to local schools in crime prevention, fire safety, stranger danger, internet safety and first aid.
  • Walney 1st Responders, a group of volunteers who provide an essential first response to medical emergencies in the area to support the ambulance services in dealing with any emergency where medical assistance is required.
  • Four Groves Community Centre for providing a safe place for the local community to meet and take part in activities, get advice and help and fundraising on behalf of local charities.



Need some inspiration, check out previous winners and finalists…