New Award for 2016: The People’s Choice Award!

Every year the Love Barrow team are asked a simple question:

“How can people vote for the nominee they want to win?”

Until now, we have not been able to answer that question.  The nominees for each category are provided by you, the community, and then judged by the voting panel, made up of committee members, previous winners and sponsors.  This was a conscious decision, to make the judging about the nominees and the work they do rather than a popularity contest.

Yet it is clear that the community wanted something we were not providing.  We take that seriously.

So, we came up with the People’s Choice Award, a new award that is solely chosen by you in addition to the judged categories.  We are all really excited by this new award as it is an opportunity for the community to get involved in the judging process.  It is a chance for you to get your voice heard to support the nominees you want to win.

The People’s Choice Award is an on line vote, the candidates are the short-listed finalists from each category.  The closing date for voting is February 21st and the winner, decided by the most votes, will be announced on the awards night, March 11th.

The vote is open to anyone who wants a nominee to win the People’s Choice Award… It doesn’t matter if you are outside the Barrow Borough!  If you want a nominee to win the People’s Choice Award you can and should vote for them.

The on line vote is free and you can vote as many times as you want.  Each vote is qualified as a ‘real person’ by email.

Many of our local community heroes don’t know how special they are and what a difference they make.  They certainly don’t shout about what they do.  You can help them by encouraging others to vote by sharing links and the text codes on Facebook and Twitter, supporting the nominee you would like to receive the People’s Choice Award.

You can vote here!

[ideabox]Remember please use the voting form to vote, not the comments box or Facebook page.[/ideabox]

12 thoughts on “New Award for 2016: The People’s Choice Award!

  1. I wish voce to be awarded the love Barrow Awards as the work so hard to support charities and they are selfless also down to earth really nice gentlemen ,I am humbled by what they do and how much they give everyone x

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