Environmental Award Sponsor



Who we are

International Nuclear Services Ltd (INS) is the world’s leading shipper of nuclear materials. Established in 2008 it has extensive and proven expertise in irradiated fuel management and nuclear material transportation. INS also operates a subsidiary company Pacific Nuclear Transport Limited (PNTL) which this year celebrated 40 years of safe and secure shipping from its home port of Barrow.

Why we sponsor The Love Barrow Awards

INS, and our subsidiary PNTL, are proud to have been based in Barrow for over 40 years. We’re committed to supporting the Barrow community. Some of the local organisations and projects we’re delighted to have supported this year include the Furness Future Leaders’ Academy, the Barrow Food Bank, the Furness Wildcats, and the Barrow Sea Cadets. We’re grateful to the community for their continued support and we look forward to continuing to contribute to their success.





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