Trainee or Apprentice of the Year Award

Give a boost to your team members who are training and have shown exceptional skills and attitude.


The Trainee or Apprentice of the Year Award  is chance for employers to let their team members know how much they are valued and appreciated.  The award to open to anyone that is currently on a training scheme, apprenticeship, any kind of internal training programme or is simply new to their job and is in their training period.  The person must have shown exceptional skills and attitude alongside their training, above and beyond what you would expect.



The nomination can be for any age, any industry or sector and any type of work, both paid and voluntary, as long as the work is undertaken in the Barrow Borough and the training is currently active or has been within the last 12 months of the nomination.





Professions you could include could be a apprentice, from any department of any type of organisation such as a welder to an office team member, a shop assistant, a team member from a charity or organisation, a trainee teacher or coach, health care professional, child care, social care, arts organisation, theatre, the list is endless…


Previous finalists include:

  • Omar Echmanta for his determination and success in going from a volunteer parent to a full time teaching apprentice in a local infants school
  • Jennifer Christie, a office apprentice in child services, for helping with a smooth transition of new workplace procedures and showing a level of skill and maturity beyond her training.
  • Jake Newton, a BAE apprentice who showed a level of teamwork on placement and for providing guidance and support to younger apprentices on the course.

Need some inspiration, check out previous winners and finalists…