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Workshop Media - Love Barrow Awards Sponsor


Who we are

Workshop Media is a content marketing company specialising in video, based in the North West of England.  We combine the skills of content production with the marketing principles of business to business communication.

We work with you to ensure that the content is planned, executed and delivered to your target audience.  We ensure that this content adds to your marketing mix and increases your bottom line.

We believe our focus on the audience for content production means that costs are saved and impact is increased.  We ensure that the people who need to see it are targeted and reached.

Why we sponsor The Love Barrow Awards

Workshop Media jumped at the chance to sponsor the Love Barrow Awards. We have strong ties to the community; our friends and family work in the local area and we know what the awards mean. We also have the good fortune to work regularly in the area, particularly with Barrow Community Safety Partnership.

As a company we believe that it is our responsibility to support the communities we work in. The awards acknowledge the true heart of the Furness Peninsula, the people who make a difference in the lives of others and help draw the community together.

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