Young Citizen of the Year 2017 Finalist – Reece Jackson

Reece Jackson, Aged 10, made it into the finals for the bravery and help he gave to his mum when she fell and hurt herself in the street.

On January 29th 2016, Reece Jackson and his mum were walking to
Reece’s cubs meeting at Knox St Hall, Walney,when Reece’s Mum, Zoe, slipped and fell, seriously breaking her leg.

Reece,  stayed calm and tried to catch the attention of passing lba17_ycitz_reece-jackson-resize-for-blogcars while Zoe tried to get her mobile out got but becuase of the pain, was struggling to make the call for an ambulance.

Reece, while reassuring his mum, took the phone from her and called the ambulance and gave his mum the phone so she could speak to the ambulance.

Due to the intense pain, Zoe, could not recall which street they were on, so Reece took it up on himself to go in search of the street name and when he could not find one, he approached a dog walker and asked for help, they both returned to his mum, and the dog walker was able to help give the ambulance directions.
When the ambulance arrived, Reece gave them all the information they needed and then contacted his dad who was at work.  Reece arranged with his dad that he would go to the hospital with his mum and that his dad should collect his older sister from guides.

Without Reece’s quick thinking and calm head, that night, Zoe could have ended up without help for much longer than she did.

The injuries Zoe ended up with, left her in a cast for over 8 weeks. Reece along with his older sister, did the washing up, sorted washing out, loaded the washing machine, pegged clothes out, hovered dusted and brought her food and drink.

Reece also had to walk to school for the first time on his own with his older sister on the days where his dad was at work.  Mum Zoe said “I am so very proud of my children and consider myself to be very lucky, truly believe that it is children like this that make the future of our town and its community brighter.”


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