Young Citizen of the Year Nominee – Jessica Grisedale

Jessica has been nominated for the Young Citizen of the Year Award Sponsored by Kimberly Clark.


Young Citizen of the Year Sponsor - Kimberly ClarkJessica Grisedale, Aged 11, has been nominated for having her hair cut off for charity.

Jessica Grisedale before the haircut!

Jessica before the chop! Photo Evening Mail – Milton Haworth

When Jessica found out that her friend Aimee was suffering from Leukemia and was going to lose her hair through chemotherapy,  she decided to step and and volunteer to have her 10 inches of hair chopped off, not only to help make her friend feel better about losing her hair but to raise money for charity and to donate the hair to other young girls who need to wear wigs while going through treatment.

Jessica Grisedale getting the chop

Jessica having her hair cut. Photo from Evening Mail – Milton Howarth



Jessica’s mother, Gill said that Jessica was so protective of her hair but as soon as she found out that Aimee was going to lose heres, she asked if she could give Aimee her hair.


“Jessica is always helping at events and is a caring thoughtful young lady who is so wise in her very young years.”  


Jessica had her hair cut during part of a fashion show at t Marks Church in Buccleuch Street, Barrow.

As well as donating her hair Jessica also raised over £800 for Ward 48 of the Manchester Childrens Hospital.  She also fund raises and takes part in collections for various organisations and is always first on hand to volunteer her time to help organise and plan events,


If you know a person, a group, charity or business who deserves some recognition then you have until the 18th November 2016 to nominate them for a Love Barrow Award 2017.


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