The Love Barrow Awards 2016 Winners

Citizen of the Year 2016

Sponsored by Furness Building Society

Irene Crabtree

Citizen 2_Irene Crabtree - website

There are people in our community who can’t help but help! Irene Crabtree has been nominated for the charitable work she has undertaken for over 40 years. Irene, now close to 90 years old, has worked for the guide dogs for the blind and now runs a charity shop, raising over £100,000 for local charities including the Defibrillators Appeal, Mountain Rescue and the Coast Guard. Despite her age and several tragedies in her life, Irene has kept going, for the benefit of the community of Barrow.

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Runners up : Julie and Gavin Andrews & Joe Wardman

Watch Julie and Gavin’s Nomination Video

Watch Joe Wardman’s Nomination Video


Young Citizen of the Year 2016

Sponsored by Kimberly Clark

Ryan Bickle

A commitment to help and a desire to make a difference can start very early. Ryan Bickle has been nominated for the fantastic example he sets… to the young and old alike. Ryan has raised money for St Mary’s Hospice through a lemonade stand, made loom band bracelets for Children in Need and has helped his class to learn more about healthy eating. He even donates some of his birthday money to charity! Ryan has become one of the 50 inspirational #iwill young ambassadors for the Step Up to Serve campaign and in his own words “I just like helping people, I want people to be happy.”

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Runners up : Ellie Larsen & Katherine Pugh

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Group or Project of the Year 2016

Sponsored by Phil Collier Associates

Keswick 2 Barrow

Fifty years is a long time for a project to run. The Keswick 2 Barrow committee have been nominated for giving up their own time to organise the Keswick 2 Barrow and Coniston 2 Barrow walks, two annual events that attract walkers from all over the country. 2016 is their 50th anniversary and in that time 241 good causes have received over £2.4 million of sponsorship money. The committee organises everything from registration to the all important pie and pint at the finish line!


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Runners up : Voce & SAFA

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Carer of the Year 2016

Sponsored by Cumbria Clinical Commissioning Group

Janet Bury
Some carers turn their situation into a vocation, raising awareness and supporting others. Janet bury has been nominated for not only caring for her two adult sons with Autism but for the tireless campaigning to improve services for the Autism community. Despite having a stressful life, with little personal time, she manages to be a dedicated committee member of ‘Autism Unite’ and has recently set up a new group ‘A Caring Space’ to support fellow carers.


media_video_icon_pc_1600_clr_4466Watch Janet’s Nomination Video

Runners up : Lee Winter & Beverley Dixon

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Teacher of the Year 2016

Sponsored by BAE Systems

Ruth Squires

A teacher doesn’t just help children learn but encourages passion and enthusiasm. Ruth Squires has been nominated for the time and energy she devotes to her class and her school, South Walney Infants. Ruth is not only a reception teacher but also the assistant head teacher, demonstrating energy and empathy in equal measure, never hesitating to go beyond her duties to ensure that the pupils under her care have what they need to learn, stay safe and have fun!


media_video_icon_pc_1600_clr_4466Watch Ruth’s Nomination Video

Runners up : Mike Walsh & Craig Rutherford

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Courage Award 2016

Sponsored by The Bay Radio

Gill Tyson

It is hard to smile through difficult times and think of others. Gill Tyson has been nominated for the kindness she gives to those with cancer. Gill helped set up Lookin’ Good, Feelin’ Great, a Facebook group that has drawn together women in the area who suffer from cancer, to provide support and a sense of community. Gill herself was diagnosed with breast cancer at the start of 2015 but that didn’t drop the smile from her face or her compassion for others. Gill has not only supported others but has helped raise a great deal of money for both Furness Oncology and Cancer Research.

media_video_icon_pc_1600_clr_4466Watch Gill’s Nomination Video

Runners up : Jo-Anne Ellis & Diana Burns

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Sports Volunteer of the Year 2016

Sponsored by The North West Evening Mail

John Jefferson

Passion for a sport can lead to a lifetime of achievement. John Jefferson has been nominated for his relentless work over many years in promoting amateur rugby league in Barrow. John has dedicated his life to encourage people to play the sport and has been crucial in raising money for a new club house for Barrow Island Rugby Club. Despite having his own health concerns, John has shown exceptional dedication to the club, working with schools to promote rugby and as an ambassador for the sport throughout Cumbria.

media_video_icon_pc_1600_clr_4466Watch John’s Nomination Video

Runners up : Colin Knight & Paul Kell

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Environmental Award  2016

Sponsored by INS

Pat Denny

A lifetime dedicated to our environment is an exceptional thing. Pat Denny has been nominated for the selfless dedication she has shown to wildlife, particularly birds. Pat has transformed her home into a wildlife rehab and haven where she nurses injured and sick birds back to health to be released into the wild. Despite being over retirement age and suffering from ill health, Pat continues to work as a taxi driver to fund her efforts. Without her 24 hour support the local veterinary centres and the RSPCA would struggle to cope.

media_video_icon_pc_1600_clr_4466Watch Pat’s Nomination Video

Runners up : Barrow Park Keepers & Morecambe Bay Partnership

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Watch Morecambe BayPartnership’s Nomination Video


Community Focused Business Of the Year 2016

Sponsored by Ward Group

Cheeky Monkeys Childcare

Every business works in the community, some businesses get involved in the community. Cheeky Monkey’s Childcare has been nominated for going above and beyond simply providing childcare. Operating for over five years, the staff at Cheeky Monkeys regularly put on family focused events and encourage other local businesses to get involved! Not only do they provide support and respite for families but raise money and awareness for local charities and collect food to go to the local food bank.

media_video_icon_pc_1600_clr_4466Watch Cheeky Monkeys Childcare’s Nomination Video

Runners Up: 

Watch the Deemon Performance Academy’s Nomination Video

Watch Kidfest’s  Nomination Video


Trainee or Apprentice of the Year 2016

Sponsored by Furness College

Jake Newton

Trainee_3_Jake Newton-website

A change in direction takes guts and it is a special kind of person who can keep a smile on their face. Jake Newton has been nominated as an apprenticeship role model; a pleasure to teach and supportive of his fellow apprentices. Jake has stepped up to the challenge of changing direction to become a mature student, studying engineering as a BAE Systems apprentice, after studying music. Always with a smile on his face, he shares his knowledge with the classroom and isn’t afraid of asking questions of his tutors or leading a discussion as well as getting involved in college activities.

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Runners Up: Jennifer Christie & Omar Echehamta

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Peoples Choice Award 2016

Sponsored by Blake Henderson Ltd

Ryan Bickle

Lifetime Achievement Award 2016

PC John Irving

A passion for recognising our local community heroes needs to be recognised. PC John Irving has been a familiar face in our community for many years. Known as ‘Swerve’ to many people, John’s commitment to the Love Barrow Awards has never swerved, he is the only remaining original founding member of the committee and is the heart of the awards. His humour and creative problem solving skills have been invaluable and we received our own nomination for these awards this year so the committee decided to say a big thank you to John.

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Ambassador Award 2016

Katrina Robson

LBA2016 Ambassador Katrina Robson - 255Katrina (Trina) Robson has worked in a social services and health related role in Barrow for over 30 years. Since her early adulthood Trina has worked as a social worker and mental health professional. Trina is a founder of, and leads, the ground-breaking Love Barrow families project which is working with a number of families with complex needs across the Barrow Borough area. This project is exploring ways of working which are attracting a great deal of attention locally, nationally and internationally. Many people and organisations are highlighting the Love Barrow families project as a great example of how social services and health should seek to develop for the future to deliver better services to people in need of support. Love Barrow families has put Barrow on the map for this work with well known and respected national organisations such as the Lankelly Chase Foundation, The Kings Fund and internationally the International Association for the Study of Attachment showing a great deal of interest and supporting the work.

Trina has been asked to present her work at the renowned Kings Fund, London; the prestigious Tavistock Clinic, London and to the International Association for the Study of Attachment conference in Miami, USA. She has also co-authored a book chapter and articles about her work in Barrow. The project has been written about on a number of websites and featured in The Guardian in October 2015. Alice Evans (Lankelly Chase Foundation) said in The Guardian of Love Barrow families “… we think it should be the blueprint for how Barrow and Cumbria can redesign services.”

Trina and Love Barrow families have been nominated twice in the Community Group/Project of the Year Award section of the Love Barrow Awards although has yet to be shortlisted. The project was also shortlisted in 2015 in the national Children and Young People Now Awards 2015 and attended the presentation ceremony in London.