The Love Barrow Awards 2014 Winners

Citizen of the Year  2014

Sponsored by Furness Building Society

Joint Winners – Joan Milburn & Irene Crabtree

Citizen Winner Irene Crabtree and Joan Milburn 2014
The community would not be the same without certain           familiar faces and their work in the area.

Sisters Irene Crabtree and Joan Milburn have been nominated for their charitable work, fundraising for a total of over 70 years, successfully raising £125,000. 

Irene runs a local charity shop, presenting cheques to many local charities.  Joan has been helping raise money and awareness for charities, specifically the blind.

 Watch Joan and Irene’s Nomination Video
 Runners up : Darren McSweeney & Les McCleese
 Young Cit winner Jacob McSweeney 2014
Watch Darren’s Nomination Video     Watch Les’s Nomination Video

Young Citizen of the Year 2014

Sponsored by SDG Accountants

Jacob McSweeney

It takes something really special to turn a personal bad situation into something positive for the community. 

Jacob has been nominated for his fundraising for Cancer Research UK.  After      discovering his mother was diagnosed with breast cancer, Jacob realised that     others were out there in the same situation and used his radio station to raise awareness and money for Cancer Research.  Starting with a modest goal of £50 he has so far managed to raise over £1,000.

Watch Jacobs Nomination Video

Runners up : Harrison Holmes & James Cox

Watch Harrisons Nomination Video     Watch James’ Nomination Video


Group or Project of the Year 2014

Sponsored by Turnstone HR

Barrow Food Bank

 Project Winner Barrow Foodbank 2014
Sometimes a group brings out the best in people in the      hardest times. 

Barrow Foodbank has been nominated for the support, care, help and hope they give to people in real crisis.  Sustained by an army of 153 volunteers and the generosity of the people and businesses of the area, Barrow Foodbank is an example of the community pulling together to make a real positive     difference in people’s lives.

 Watch Barrow Food Banks Nomination Video

Runners up : Walney Windcheetahs & Leonard Cheshire

Watch Walney Windcheetas Nomination Video     Watch Leonard Cheshire’s Nomination Video

Carer of the Year 2014

Sponsored by Cumbria Clinical Commissioning Group

Matylda KennyCarer Winner Matylda Kenny 2014

Some people care for others because that is who they are, even at a young age. 

Tilly has been nominated for the care, love and support she gives her sister Tabby.  Twins with a special bond, Tilly is     always there for her sister, helping with her daily routine as well as raising money for charity.  Tilly has changed her to life without a grumble or complaint to include Tabby and helps her sister feel like she doesn’t have a disability.

 Watch Matylda’s Nomination Video

Runners up : Jeff Holt and Gemma Moorby

Watch Jeff & Gemma’s Nomination Video


Teacher of the Year 2014

Sponsored by Patient Memoirs

Graham Barker

 Teacher winner Graham Barker 2014Not all teachers can be found in schools but everywhere in our community where help, guidance and support is needed and given. 

Graham has been nominated for the commitment he has shown to the A590 Theatre Group where young people of all ages can come and learn performance skills.  Graham finds potential in everyone and can be counted on to provide extra help and extra time to learn lines despite having a full time job and a growing family.


Watch Graham’s Nomination Video

Runners up : Caroline Hoggarth & Kerry Griffin

Watch Caroline’s Nomination Video       Watch Kerry’s Nomination Video

Courage Award 2014

Sponsored by Furness College

Courage winner andrew madden 2014Andrew Madden

We all have difficult times but some are faced with great misfortune.

Andrew has been nominated for the courage and strength he has     displayed fighting not one case but two separate cases of rare forms of Leukemia.  After undergoing gruelling treatment for a year, Andrew still managed to remain positive and smiling, achieving great results in his GCSEs.  Yet he received the tragic news that he had developed another form of Leukemia.  Anyone would have crumbled but Andrew fights on with the courage and strength that inspires the community.

Watch Andrews Nomination Video

Runners up : Barrow RNLI

Watch Barrow RNLI’s Nomination Video


Sports Volunteer of the Year 2014

Sponsored by Siemens

Stephen Cairns

Sports Winner Stephen Cairns 2014Sport can have a positive effect on people and communities.  So too can sports volunteers!

Stephen has been nominated for the time and dedication he has put in to promoting sport in Askam Village School.  And the resulting successes! He values all sports equally and    refuses to accept gender biases or stereotypes, passing on sports skills and sports passion to the young people who want to learn them, which stays with them for life.


Watch Stephen’s Nomination Video

Runners up : Russ Walker & Kanji-Do Karate

Watch Russ’ Nomination Video      Watch Kanji-do Karate’s Nomination Video

Environmental Award of the Year 2014

Sponsored by Vattenfall

Barrow Wildside

Environmental Winner Barrow Wildside ( sue Thurley ) 2014
It is sometimes hard to spot the importance of the               environment around us. 

Barrow Wildside has been nominated for the work they have done for the rural, coastal and urban environments of our area.  Through close work with schools and community groups they have engaged and interested the community through walks, training workshops and organising              conservation work bringing the environment into the heart of Barrow.

 Watch Barrow Wildsides Nomination Video

Runners up : Morecambe Bay Partnership

Watch Morecambe Bay Partnership’s Nomination Video


Community Focused Business Of the Year Award 2014

Sponsored by Furness Building Society

Deemon Performance Academy

COM FOC BUS winnner deemon dance ( emma Fawcett ) 2014

Some business’ reasons for existing is to give back to the community they operate in. 

Deemon has been nominated for the effort in supporting the dreams of acting, singing and dancing of our young people, opening doors for local talent in a competitive career.  Deemon is a second home for their students, helping them build life skills, discipline and confidence as well as nurture talent.  They have been running two shows a year for the last 15 years, raising £80,000 for charity.

 Watch Deemon Performance Academy’s Nomination Video

Runners Up: The Bay Radio & Impact Furniture Service

Watch the Bay Radios Nomination Video     Watch Impact Furniture Service’s Nomination Video


Ambassador Award 2014

Sponsored by Cumbria Police Crime Commissioner

Caroline Vernon

Ambassador Winner 2014Caroline is the Headteacher at Victoria Junior School, Barrow.

Caroline has become a leading figure nationally in student led research and critical skills. The work carried out at the school helped to shape the national curriculum for primary schools and has been done in partnership with the Qualifications and Curriculum Authority (QCA).

A spokesperson for QCA describes how they were able to “… seize upon work … observed in Victoria Juniors (to) help develop work on a national scale.”   Similarly OFSTED hailed this work at the school as outstanding. Caroline has been working alongside other Barrow and Cumbrian head teachers during this work and has also begun to speak at national conferences describing the work around student led research and critical skills.

Caroline has led on the local Furness Learning Transition Project exploring issues around young people’s transition from primary to secondary school. Caroline has linked this work with Lancaster University.   Caroline’s work has attracted further national attention including interest from the Centre for the Use of Research and Evidence in Education and the University of Wolverhampton.

More recently Caroline has visited the House of Commons to talk about her work as one of the founders of Furness Education and Skills Partnership, first in April 2013 to speak to members of the Education Select Committee and secondly in June 2013 to attend a launch of a new initiative about bridging the gap between education and industry.

Caroline is also currently on the steering group of the Inspiring Barrow initiative which aims to raise educational attainment and aspiration of young people across the borough. Caroline is also a governor at Furness College.

Watch Caroline receive her award at the awards


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